D-SHOT® For Men

It Is Worth A Shot!

D-SHOT® is a revolutionary approach to keeping men sexually inspired and reinvigorated, improving performance, helping erectile dysfunction, boost sensation, combat the negative effects of aging on your sex life, and increasing penis size for men. The results after the D-SHOT® are dramatic, immediate and long-lasting. This procedure is named after the Greek god of fertility and should be so because it offers a lot of benefits that enhance men sexually.

About DShot

Many men are concerned with how they perform in the bedroom. For many men, sexual function has declined or become troubling. This is the reason why Viagra, pills, creams and even surgery are popular among men. But for those who are looking for a clinically proven procedure designed to enhance the size, girth and sensitivity of your penis, all without the use of dangerous drugs or surgery, D-SHOT® is the one for you.


  • Has your sex drive has diminished through the years?
  • Do you wish to enlarge or strengthen your penis?
  • Has your sensation decreased?
  • Are you currently experiencing difficulty in attaining or maintaining erections?
  • Are erectile medications not working as well as they used to or do you need higher doses to achieve a satisfactory erection?
  • Do health conditions make erectile medication an unsafe option for you?

The D-SHOT® can be used to treat all ages of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, those who are concerned with blood flow to their penis, or simply for men looking to revolutionize their sex life. If you’re looking for a great improvement in sexual performance by increasing sexual stamina, sensation, pleasure, girth and length, then the D-Shot® might be right for you!


For the most part, the D-Shot® is an elective procedure, and therefore not covered by most health insurance. Rather than looking at the D-Shot® price, you really need to consider its relative value over other ED treatments. Since the results of the injection can last for a year or more, the D-Shot® price is more cost effective than prescription ED medications, which need to be refilled over and over again. Also, the D-Shot® is one of the only non-surgical ways to increase penis size. As compared to male enhancement surgery, this male enhancement shot is not only less expensive, it is pain-free. And unlike invasive penile implant surgery, the Dshot® for men requires little or no downtime.

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It Is Worth A Shot!

Erectile Dysfunction & Penis Enhancement Procedure! Proven, Effective, Totally Natural, Non-Surgical and Drug Free.

Biocore HealthHealth offers the most effective regenerative treatments available to restore︎︎︎maintain the highest quality of life for our patients. We refuse to believe that declining sexual ability or ED is an inevitable part of aging. D-SHOT® is a safe an effective way to preserve men’s sexual health.

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